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One of the real joys of reading a newspaper is not knowing what you're going to stumble across next...
You might start reading one story about council tax bills going up and then - out of the corner of your eye - you spot the face of someone you went to school with. They've raised some money for charity by doing a sponsored sky dive. Good on them.

And next to that picture is a story about plans to build 50 new homes in that field across from where you live.... Then you see an advert for that new shop you like in the town centre. There's a half price sale on this weekend...
That serendipity is something reading news on a website will probably never be able to offer. We think our online readers deserve something better...
So here it is...
Our all-new e-edition of the Barnsley Chronicle offers the best of both worlds - the unpredictable joys of reading a physical newspaper combined with the convenience of the web.
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